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Don’t hire rookies

Interviewing is a major critical management function especially right now for tanning salons. It’s time to upgrade the professionalism of your selling staff for peak season 2017. Tanning industry research shows that most associates are hired mainly because of their stated availability and acceptance of minimal wages. Often hiring decisions take place at the front counter or after a mere 15 minutes of asking the same arcane non-applicable questions such as: “Do you like working with people”? DUH!

It’s time to PROFESSIONALLY shop for new, better qualified professionals who want the job, need the job and are thrilled to be in the tanning business. What our industry needs are sales superstars who like selling indulgence services to indulgence seeking consumers willing to pay for a great self esteem enhancing experience. DON’T spend thousands of dollars on tanning equipment if you’re going to put an immature, 18 year old tanning rookie in your salon to sell the equipment’s features and benefits! On Wednesday November 2nd, 2016 at 3:00 PM EST, John Farr, the tanning industry’s top salon turn-around expert, author of 5 books on managing employees and Publisher of Sun Biz Weekly will take you thru a 60 minute webinar of the best basics and then applied interviewing skills in the first of a two part series. (Part two will be Wednesday November 9th at 3:00 EST). John has conducted more than 70 webinars and guided more than 25,000 retail owners, managers and sales associates to more profits and greater careers. So, get ready to go back to class with this first of a two part series on interviewing and hiring salon sales superstars.

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