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Get an EFT Program for your Tanning Salon

If your tanning salon doesn’t have an EFT membership, the business will DIE! And your current EFT membership is only half as effective as it could be.

John Farr, Tanning Consultant

Meet Tanning Salon Business Consultant John Farr

He specializes in creating and maximizing EFT programs for salons. He will help you:

  1. Create an EFT membership, pricing structure, etc.
  2. Make your existing EFT more profitable.
  3. Help you market & promote your EFT program.
  4. Train you/your staff to maximize sales, enrollment, & retention.

Tanning Salon Owner Testimonials

John improved the EFT programs of these satisfied clients!

When you have a strong EFT program, you’ll enjoy record profits from long-term tanners!

Call John Farr at 859-250-8475, or fill out the form below.