Leadership Training for Tanning Salon Owners & Managers

John Farr, Tanning Salon Consultant

Get ready for some sizzling seminars with “The Salon Doctor.”

I’ve put this electrifying program together to give you what you need most – leadership training.

Learn how to build a winning team and train them to deliver top-notch tanning experiences that leave your clients raving.

Check out what this program has to offer.

Webinar 1

Recruiting Rockstars

Thursday, June 22nd

It’s time to attract, interview, and hire top talent in today’s competitive job market. I’ll share my tried-and-true techniques for recognizing the best representatives for your salon. Sign up now to find the best tanning ambassadors.

Webinar 2
Seminar 2

Training & Retaining Rockstars

Thursday, June 29th

Learn to identify the skills and competencies you need for success. I’ll also help you develop a comprehensive training plan to help them actualize those skills. This creates a supportive culture that keeps your team invested.

Webinar 3
Seminar 3

Motivations & Inspirations

Thursday, July 6th

The secret of your success is tapping into what drives each team member. This helps you create an overall culture of inspiration and motivation. I’m sharing my 50+ years of human resources management experience to keep YOUR employees engaged.

Webinar 4
Seminar 4

Coaching & Counseling Powerful Performances

Thursday, July 13th

Every employee needs some one-on-one time to stay on track. Learn the best techniques for providing effective feedback, inspiring growth, and addressing underperformance. These powerful coaching strategies empower your team, build trust, and achieve better results.

Webinar 5
Seminar 5

Employment Termination & Other Hard Decisions

Thursday, July 20th

From staffing decisions to budget constraints, you’re faced with tough choices. I’ll guide you in assessing your options, evaluating risks, and making tough calls that align with your business goals and values. You’ll never second-guess yourself again.

Webinar 6
Seminar 6

The Leader’s Scoreboard

Thursday, July 27th

This is a must-attend webinar for leaders who want to help employees achieve their full potential. Learn how to use scoreboards to track progress, celebrate successes, and identify areas for improvement. Are you ready to keep score, stay on track, and win big?

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Whether you’re a seasoned leader or just starting out, this series gives you the tools and techniques to help your team achieve its full potential.


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