Who is John Farr?

John Farr, Tanning Salon Consultant

The Salon Doctor

John Farr helps salon owners improve their operating systems, boost employee morale, and increase revenue.

John Farr is the tanning industry’s best business consultant. He’ll review every aspect of your tanning salon – from revenue to marketing, employee productivity, and much more – then offer solid, real-world advice on how to improve in each area. His specialty is human resources management. John trains tanning salon owners in the art and science of motivating their employees to give their best every day. His combination of cutting-edge training and timeless small business consulting techniques have made John the most sought-after tanning consultant in the industry.

John Farr has 30+ years of guiding tanning salon operations.

John Farr has 30+ years of guiding tanning salon operations.

52 Years of employee management, at executive and retail store levels.

52 Years of employee management, at executive and retail store levels.


55+ years of marketing background for “Fortune 500” firms and more than 600 salon companies.

John R. Farr, The Salon Doctor
John Farr, aka “The Salon Doctor,” has consulted tanning salon owners and managers for more than 32 years. In that time, he’s helped improve the business and has consulted more than 600 different tanning salon companies.

John’s Background

John brings a wealth of retail management skills to the indoor tanning industry.

In 1968, he managed his first retail store with a full restaurant. John attended the University of Minnesota and got a degree in marketing in 1970, and an MBA in human resources management in 1993. After his graduation in 1970, he was recruited into the entertainment industry working for the nation’s largest music distributor based in Minneapolis. After four years, he was promoted to Regional Sales Manager for Northern California, Oregon, and Nevada. He also handled the distributor’s business overseas.

In 1976, John was recruited by Polygram. This was his first record label responsibility, which included RSO, Casablanca, Polydor, and the Mercury labels. He eventually became the Regional Manager for the Cleveland/Detroit markets. In working for the music labels, John was responsible for working with hundreds of recording artists and groups including The Bee Gees, Donna Summer, KISS, Eric Clapton, and Rush.

In 1978, John was recruited to CBS Records, the industry’s biggest music label at that time. His responsibilities included artist sales and marketing management. He had the honor of working with the label’s enormous list of performers such as Micheal Jackson, Willie Nelson, Journey, REO, Charlie Daniels, Wham, Luther Vandross, Billy Joel, Earth Wind and Fire, and hundreds more.

John’s experience in retail operations included a five-year stint as Director of Marketing and Operations for Target Store’s Entertainment division in 1983. Three years after that, he was named Senior Vice President of Sales for Commtron, the world’s largest supplier of video movie rentals. The company’s sales exceeded one-half billion, and John’s managed more than 400 employees.

In 1990, John left corporate life and used his experience and knowledge in sales, marketing, and retail management to consult the indoor tanning industry. Today, he is known as “The Salon Doctor,” and has salon owners and manager clients in all 50 states and four Canadian provinces.

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