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From human resources to sales (and everything in between), John Farr can help you get your tanning salon business under control and PROFITABLE.

Is it Time to Reboot Your Tanning Salon?

John Farr, Tanning Consultant

Meet Tanning Consultant, John Farr

Tanning salon consultant John Farr helps salon owners improve their operating systems, boost employee morale, and increase revenue. Let his proven business-building techniques improve your tanning salon!

John Farr is the tanning industry’s best business consultant. He’ll review every aspect of your tanning salon – from revenue to marketing, employee productivity, and much more – then offer solid, real-world advice on how to improve in each area. His specialty is human resources management. John trains tanning salon owners in the art and science of motivating their employees to give their best every day. His combination of cutting-edge training and timeless small business consulting techniques have made John the most sought-after tanning consultant in the industry.

Business Consulting Services for Tanning Salons

Tanning consultant John Farr has 43+ years experience in retail store management, human resources management, sales, and marketing and promotions. He’s been a consultant to the indoor tanning industry for more than 20 years, and he uses his extensive business experience and education to help improve every every aspect of a tanning salon owner’s business.

Here are just some of the ways John’s business consulting services can streamline and improve your tanning business:

  • Help you build a successful and profitable EFT tanning membership program, which will increase your revenue and help grow your business.
  • If you need to hire district or general managers, John helps you screen applicants, interview top candidates, then make a hiring recommendation for the best candidate.
  • John is an expert in tanning salon marketing. Let him help you plan your marketing budget with his treasure trove of tanning salon marketing tips.
  • John will train your staff to maximize every tanning lotion, upgrade session, and EFT tanning membership sales opportunity.
  • Need new tanning beds, booths, tanning lotions, and other tanning supplies. John works with the industry’s top tanning distributors to secure the best value for his tanning salon owner clients.
Business Consulting Services for Tanning Salons
John Farr, The Experienced Tanning Consultant
John Farr, The Experienced Tanning Consultant

The Experienced Tanning Consultant

Sales, marketing and management expert, author, speaker, columnist and consultant, John is a man who’s “been there and done that.” That’s why tanning salon owners across the country continue to trust the long-term future of their businesses to his expertise. His 43+ years of professional experience gives him plenty to draw upon when consulting tanning salon owners. Some of John’s qualifications include:

  • 43 years in retail store management
  • 43 years of employment management experience
  • 41 years in the retail marketing field
  • 18 years in the retail indoor tanning field
  • A. in Marketing and M.B.A. in H.R. Management
  • Consulted and guided more than 300 retail chains including mass merchant, video, fast food, tanning salons, convenience stores and drug outlets.
  • Conducted educational seminars to more than 18,000 retail store owners and and managers in the US and Canada

Are you ready to work with the best tanning consultant in the industry?

Sign up for a no-obligation consultation so John can review your revenues, marketing direction and more, then he’ll provide some advice to increase these and other aspects of your tanning salon business. You’re only one step away from working with the industry No. 1 tanning consultant. Contact John Farr today to begin to begin your tanning salon transformation!

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Don’t take our word for it. Hear what John’s clients have to say!

“In 2015 I met John Farr at one of the tanning shows and we decided to hire him as our consultant. He worked with us for six months and changed how we structured our memberships, changed how the employees were commissioned, and helped a lot with our marketing. It was one of the smartest things that we did. After we hired him, our monthly profit has increased every month compared to previous years, and has continued to increase! If you need help with memberships, strategizing, or marketing, I would definitely recommend hiring John Farr.”
Dion Borkowicz, Lectric Beach in Franklin Center, New Berlin, and Milwaukee, WI