Radio Ads

The Power of Radio

Radio is one of the oldest and yet more endearing ad medias in today’s marketing. It is one of the cheapest cost per contact promo vehicles but also one of the most misused and misunderstood advertising tools. It has many advantages, among which are flexibility, audience reach and frequency, market segmentation by gender and age as well as no or low ad production costs.

John Farr has been buying radio ads for more than 44 years. He has written and produced ad copy for thousands of retail outlets as well as a 21 year stint of music and movie celebrity content. He has been nominated for “Mercury Awards” multiple times by the National association of broadcasters for creative content.

If you want some ideas of what to advertise or how to do it you can listen to some or all of the ads on this page for stimulation and ad ideas. Some of the ads may seem standard and in some cases “pushing the envelope” in taste. But as John would say, “We are knee deep in a viral world of free speech and today’s consumer is subject to many levels of sometimes edgy ad messages.” The idea is that boring ads cause car radio button pushing or station surfing. Make your ads appealing to the target audience who texts, Facebooks, emails, loves to be entertained and has little patience for ads that drone on about the same thing over and over… “be creative or… save your ad monies.”

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