Essential Training Literature

Explore below to discover 14 eTools and eBooks written by salon guru John Farr to help educate and train you and your salon employees.

eTool9 - Role Playing Sales Training Kit

Salon Advertising

Is radio advertising effective for tanning salons? You bet! Radio is among the best of advertising vehicles for cost-per-contact, demo alignment in age, gender and lifestyle.

Download E-Tool 10: Radio Advertising for Tanning Salon Owners

eTool9 - Role Playing Sales Training Kit

Salon Sales

Nothing happens in any business… until someone makes a sale! “Role playing” style sales training should be fun as well as instructive.

Download E-Tool 9: Role Playing Sales Training Kit


Day to day “ops” – everything from handbooks, secret shops, and employee surveys to effective employee meetings. Learn to improve your everyday salon operating life.

Human Resources/Interviewing

Payroll is one of the biggest expenses for salons… better know who to hire and why!

Management and Motivation

Finding each employee’s “hot button” doesn’t come naturally.

What’s My Motivation?

What’s My Motivation?

Every action by every employee is motivated… good and bad actions as well. Employees do what they do for specific reasons not always understood by new managers and owners. This E-Book sets you and your salon up for engaged employees who are programmed to satisfy their inner drives of accomplishment.

Dedication to Delegation

Dedication to Delegation

One of the most effective ways to retain good employees is to keep them engaged and productive. It’s important to understand that as a salon manager, you are judged by the aggregated success of your salon and not just your own individual actions. “Dedication to Delegation” is the most recent addition to The Farr Factor vault library of e-tools and reflects the numerous years of John Farr’s 47 years of directing HR assets… indispensable education for all owners and managers!

Training... from The Farr Side

Training... from The Farr Side

Effective training produces effective employees. This E-book shows you how to set up a training process that sets up workers for less mistakes, better use of your payroll dollars and happier salon employees.

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