15 Tips to Increase Spray Tan Clientele

by | Farr Factor

Are you a tanning salon owner who’s struggling to build your handheld spray tanning business? I’ll be that attracting clients is one of your biggest challenges. Ask any spray tan technician and they’ll tell you that building a client database takes a lot of hard work. Well, as a tanning salon owner, you’re already accustomed to hard work. That’s why I’m like to share tips that help you work smart, not hard. That’s the best way for tanning salon owners like you to build your spray tanning business.

Here are 15 tips to help you establish your spray tanning business and attract tanners:

  1. If you don’t already have it, get some type of spray tan training and certification.
  2. Get out of your salon and introduce yourself at gyms, local businesses, and anywhere else your potential clients might be.
  3. Be your own “walking billboard” by wearing a gorgeous spray tan, yourself.
  4. Take business cards wherever you go and hand them out to everyone you can.
  5. Join your local chamber of commerce and network with local businesses.
  6. Co-sponsor events with small businesses in your area.
  7. Sign up for local events that might be beneficial to your business.
  8. Carry gift certificates with you and hand them out to anyone you talk to about your business.
  9. Look for “tan-bassadors,” especially people who are active on social media.
  10. Keep accurate client profiles and take notes about the events your clients attend. (This comes in handy later!)
  11. Place magnet advertisements on your vehicle. (Believe it or not, these actually work!)
  12. Offer products to your tanners as a means of introducing them to things they might not try otherwise. (You’ll be surprised at how loyal they’ll be to these items.)
  13. Send a thank you message to everyone after their tan.
  14. Stick to your policies and procedures. (Most people will respect this.)
  15. Make T-shirts, tank tops, and hats featuring your business’s logo. Don’t be afraid to give them away to help spread the word.

This is Just a Start!

It’s not unnatural for tanning salon owners to feel frustrated while trying to build their spray tan clientele. As you know, no one is going to hand you new tanners on a silver platter. These 15 tips, however, will help maximize your marketing efforts. Use them to help you build your client database. You should also consider this list a starting point. Hopefully, as you work your way through this list, it will inspire you to come up with more strategies to attract spray tanners to your salon.

15 Tips to Increase Spray Tan Clientele

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