Your Video Tanning Salon Tour in 10 Steps

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If new tanners get a tour of your salon, why not make a video tanning salon tour for your salon’s Facebook page? This exposes all the great things about your business to a much wider audience!

Almost every tanning salon owner hosts a tour for new tanners. It’s usually the first thing you do when someone you’ve never tanned comes into your business. Perhaps it’s time to host a video tour of your tanning salon. This helps you improve your salon tour game because you’ll have to think long and hard about each step of the process. When finished, you’ll have an awesome “virtual tour” of your tanning salon that you can use to market your tanning business on social media. This is why many tanning salon owners are creating salon tour videos.

Why a Video Tanning Salon Tour?

If you give all new tanners a salon tour, why bother making a video tour? (You were thinking it, weren’t you?) The answer is simple: video is HUGE for social media marketing. Remember the old adage that video gets seven times more views than text-only posts/ads? You can bet that number is a lot higher now. But let’s go beyond the anecdotal evidence with some statistics from professional marketers across the country. In ReelSEO’s 2013 Video Marketing Survey and Business Trends Report, more than 600 pro marketing respondents said:

  • 93 percent of marketers who responded use video in their campaigns.
  • 84 percent use video for website marketing.
  • 60 percent utilize video in their email marketing.
  • 70 percent optimize their video for search engines.
  • 70 percent will increase what they spend on video.
  • 82 percent stated that video has had a positive impact upon their businesses.

The folks at ReelSEO make a strong case for using video with your website and social media marketing. So do I!

How To: Tanning Salon Video Tour

Rather than simply walking viewers through your tanning salon, you should create a fun, playful, yet highly-informative video. You don’t have to be Stanley Kubrick to direct such a video, either. To get more people interested in visiting your salon, just use these eight steps for making a video tour:

  1. Start your video with a good outside view or your salon. Make sure it shows your signage and the area around your salon. This will help first-time visitors find your salon easily.
  2. Welcome greeting at salon with tour.
  3. Your video tour should be fluid and go from front to back to front in one directional flow.
  4. Make sure to show one tanning bed or booth for each level you have in your tanning salon.
  5. Be sure to capture images and discuss any extra amenities you have for tanners, such as towels, eyewear, beauty bar, etc.
  6. Make it a point to feature your spa services such as spray tanning, saunas, teeth-whitening, etc.
  7. Show off all the tanning lotions you have prominently displayed at your counter. These products are important to the tanning process and your bottom line, so it only helps to plant the idea that tanners will need these lotions to achieve the tan they desire.
  8. Be sure to include managers, assistant managers, spray tan artists and longtime employees in the video. You should even ask some tanners to pose for the camera as well. (Be sure to get them to sign a model release form!)

Happy Social Media Marketing!

Social media marketing is everything these days and you know it. People love watching videos and memes, so a video tanning salon tour is tailor made for your salon’s Facebook page. That’s why I recommend every tanning salon owner record a video tour and share it on your website and social media channels. Cut and paste the above points onto a blank page, print that page out, and use it as your step-by-step guide. Your virtual tool will be easy, fun, and a great social media marketing tool. What do you have to lose, tanning salon owners?

Your Video Tanning Salon Tour in 10 Steps

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