Ask a Tanning Salon Business Consultant: Valentine’s Day Specials for Tanning Salons

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Q: “Trying to plan our Valentine’s Day Specials. This is our first year for it, so I need some ideas! For example, when do you start your specials?”

A: As much as it makes sense to do specials around Valentine’s Day, keep this in mind: Most gift giving in our business is a female giving to themselves or another female. So neither Christmas or Valentine’s Day are huge in creating gift-buying purchases, except for people to themselves. If you offer a Valentine’s Day special, which I think you should, try to use a theme-based ad/promo continuity, just don’t think that the fact it is Valentine’s Day that you will get a lot of new business.

Now, having said all of that, Facebook and Instagram can be used to reach some guys who might buy a gift for their ladies. It’s a great alternative to flowers and chocolates. Design your emails and Facebook/Instagram posts around the concept of: “For your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, give the gift of feeling good and looking great.” I recommend started your promotions about one to two weeks before Valentine’s Day. This usually gives you plenty of time to lead up to the big day. Try using these promotional ideas at your tanning salon:

  1. Purchase some “fru-fru” stuff – bead necklaces, plastic goody bags, pink plastic bracelets, pre-wrapped candy, pink ribbon, fabric rose petals, pink sunglasses – from your local craft or dollar store. Use this to decorate your tanning lotion display, reception desk, and tanning rooms. Run specials on tanning lotions that go with the colors and themes that match Valentine’s Day. Snap a pic, then post it to your social media. Add your fun, decorative items to really help those tanning lotions stand out.
  2. Create little goody bags with any tanning lotion packettes that you have that are pink or red in color. Set these up for a discount or add to a gift certificate purchase program. Ready-to-go gifts are perfect for those busy folks who want to purchase something for someone they love.
    Run a win-me promotion with a local winery to give away a bottle of wine (to tanners 21 and over) when they purchase a gift certificate or certain service packages.
  3. Host a “Sweetheart Special” that allows couples (or BFFs) to get 25 percent off their service package when they purchase together. This encourages clients to refer friends or spouses to your tanning salon.
  4. Run a free tan weekend for Valentine’s Day whether it falls on a weekday or not. Note: Many will likely go out on a Friday or Saturday date rather than a weekday.
  5. For some easy promo graphics, incorporate any chick-flick movies that will be released around Valentine’s Day, such as 50 Shades Darker. Use phrases such as “get darker with us” or “we’ll keep your little dark secret.” Go in the direction that you know your clients will appreciate. Be sure to put the information on your social media pages and website, and remember to display it in your tanning salon as well.

Best Tanning Success!

Tanning salon owners, here are successful Valentine’s Day promos from an independent tanning pro just like you! Feel free to use these tips as is, or tweak them to make them your own. While everything is seeing pink and red on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be seeing shades of tan and, more importantly, green. Now get out there and rock Valentine’s Day at your tanning salon!

Thank You for Your Question!

It was a pleasure answering it. I hope the information I shared helps you out. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask this tanning salon business consultant.

Valentine’s Day Promos for Tanning Salons

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