4 Simple-But-Effective Spray Tan Marketing Strategies

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If you sell spray tans, attracting and retaining new clients is the name of the game. When it comes to spray tan marketing and promotions, the best tips can be found on the frontlines of indoor tanning. I’m talking about the tanning salon owners who are selling sunless tanning sessions in today’s marketplace. I caught up with one of my clients to get her customer attraction and retention strategies. She shared these four solid strategies for attracting new spray tanners:

1. $1 Spray Tans

While it seems like my clients is losing money with this offer, it’s actually a clever strategy to increase her revenue. The program works like this: Spray tanners who go off to college can get sunless tanning for just $1 a session when they come home for the holidays. While my client doesn’t profit from these dollar spray tans, the college students are repeat customers. She makes a profit from lotion and skincare product sales. These “dollar tanners” also bring friends who also become clients. She offers referrals for a free first tan, and the person who refers them gets five free tans for each tanner they recommend.

2. Pizza Parties

My client hosts pizza and soda parties for six or more young tanners at a time. The host gets a free spray tan, and that initiative brings in larger parties and more spray tan clients. She told me that these events are particularly popular before high school dances. Network with your local high schools to find out the dates for their dances then plan your pizza party promos accordingly.

3. Spray Tan Diplomats

My client allows high school-aged spray tanning clients to pass out free spray tan cards to their friends. They typically pass these cards out to people at local sports games and other events. In turn, these “spray tan diplomats” receive free spray tans and get to test new products for free. In other words, these diplomats become “walking billboards” for my client’s tanning salon. She reports that when people come in to redeem their free spray tans, they and say, ‘I want to look just like (the diplomat).’”

4. Donate to Local Causes

On behalf of her tanning salon, my client donates to many area high school raffles, programs, and local charity drives. She’s donated to post prom, breast cancer awareness, and many other organizations that are fundraising in her area. It’s great way to get her tanning salon’s name out there and attract new clients.

Start Marketing Your Spray Tan Services!

If you offer spray tanning at your salon, you can always use more tanners. I’ve shared these strategies from one of my many clients in hopes that they will inspire you to reach out and attract more spray tanners. I encourage you to use these strategies and make the necessary adjustments so these approaches fit with your business, community, and customer demographics. Good luck with your spray tan marketing strategies!

4 Simple-But-Effective Spray Tan Marketing Strategies

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