5 Tips for a Successful Spray Tan Party

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Mobile spray tan parties are fun, easy, and very profitable. Here’s how to host a successful one.

If you’re a UV tanning salon owner who’s invested in a portable sunless spray-tan unit, you should make the most of this investment. Hosting mobile spray-tan parties can be one effective way to do this. In addition to the boost in revenue, you’ll also appreciate the increase in profits and word-of-mouth advertising you’ll get from these events. Here are five tips to help you make the most of your spray tan party experience:

1. Always Look Your Best

When you host a spray-tan party, you’re representing your tanning salon. This is why it’s important that you dress for success. You also have to consider your clients’ comfort factor. In order to get a spray tan, people will have to disrobe in front of you. They’ll feel more comfortable doing this in front of someone who’s dressed professionally. I always recommend retailers wear their regulation work shirts with their salon’s logo. A pair of dark pants is always best because dark colors will hide any DHA stains that might occur during the spray tanning process.

2. Sport a Gorgeous Spray Tan

Nothing sells your spray tanning services better than having a beautiful sunless tan, yourself. Before each party, have your best spray tan tech (besides yourself) give you a full body spray tan with all the works. Remember, you want to show off your sunless tanning results in the best way possible. If no one is available to give you a spray tan, you can do it yourself. Just remember to fill in any gaps with a self-tanner. Remember, you want to look your best. I can’t stress this enough.

3. Promote Your Spray Tan Party

To host a successful spray-tan party, you need to know is how many people will attend. Create an event on your business’s Facebook page and invite as many people as you can. Once that’s done, market and promote your event in person. If you want your party to be successful, you really have to put the time into this. For all the word-of-mouth advertising you’ll get, it’s well worth it!

Go to a variety of local businesses and hand out a special business card that also advertises the event. Gyms are a great place to start. Other places you can try are churches, PTA meetings, etc. You can also go to local gymnastics clubs and offer to do free stickers and face sprays for moms and daughters. You can also do this kind of marketing at the local shopping mall.

When promoting your party, there are specific people who need to get your card. Do you have a college in your town? Offer to spray one or two sorority sisters for free if they can get their friends to attend your spray-tan party. I also recommend doing the same thing with one or two dancers at your local gentlemen’s clubs. (Their money spends the same as anyone else’s.)

4. What to Charge

For your party to be successful, you have to have the right pricing. This can be different for everyone because it depends on so many different factors. Here’s what one of my clients does for a party of 10 people getting sprayed with a basic, eight-hour solution:

  • She charges $65 per person. (Since this is a mobile service, the price includes the cost of gas and solution.)
  • Always spray the host for free.
  • Her solution costs are about $2.15 per person, or $21.56 for 10 people.
  • Nine paying people (plus one free tan) at $65 per person comes out to $585. Out of her $585.00 comes $21.56 for solution costs and $25 for refreshments. This gives her a net profit of $538.44.
  • She secures payment through PayPal or Square before I purchase anything for the party.

5. Upselling Opportunities at Spray Tanning Parties

At each spray tan party she hosts, my client carries a tote bag loaded with body wash, body scrub, tan extender, self-tanner, mousse, bronzing powder, lip gloss, etc. The purpose of this is simple: she upsells these products to her guests. She’s reported earning a healthy amount of revenue by doing this.

Spray tan parties give you the potential to sell upgrade tans. While my client sues an eight-hour solution at her parties, she lets her guests know that they can upgrade. For example, there will always be those people who want to be as dark as possible. For the, try offering a 15 percent DHA product for an additional $5. Your options are only as limited as the spray tan solutions you offer.

Spray Tan Parties Mean Revenue Generating and Marketing

As a tanning salon owner, you have two choices for your spray tan parties. You can host them at your tanning salon, or you can host them outside of your business. Both options give you a wonderful opportunity to market and promote your business within your community. Since everyone’s situation is different, you’ll have to choose the option that’s best for you. Either way, you should be able to generate additional revenue using these five tips. Good luck!

5 Tips for a Successful Spray Tan Party

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