5 Tips for Low-Tech, Effective Spray Tanning Marketing

by | Farr Factor

While social media is a great way to promote your spray tanning business, it’s not the only way. Low-tech marketing that’s a bit of throwback to the days before social media are still an excellent way to position your spray tan business – and your tanning salon – within your market. The best thing about these “old-school” methods is that they give you what social media marketing cannot – direct, face-to-face contact with potential clients. If you haven’t tried any of these techniques in a while, give them a shot.

1. Business Cards

Want a sure-fire spray tan tip? Get some business cards that your tanners can also use as loyalty cards. This way, people won’t have to keep two separate cards in their wallet. Another benefit is that your business card is always in their wallet because of the loyalty program. Don’t be afraid to hand these cards out to your mom, dad, brother, sister, friends, work colleagues, etc. They can then hand them out to people who they think will be interested in your services. Ask local businesses if you can display your cards at their locations, too.

2. Custom Pens

How many times have you needed a pen but couldn’t find one? This happens to everyone, which is why pens make excellent gifts. You should be handing them out to all your clients, friends, family, and anyone else. Make sure the pens you give away have your logo and phone number on them. A great way to get these pens in people’s hands is to give them to tanners after they fill in their client cards. Every time they use that pen, they will be reminded of your tanning salon and sunless tanning services.

3. Cross Marketing with Local Businesses

Bridal parties, cheerleaders, dance teams, and many other groups enjoy spray tanning. If these people aren’t walking through your salon’s doors, you have to go meet them. Try registering at a stall at your local markets or business expo. Display photos of your work and have a banner and flyers made about you and your business. You can even do a demonstration on a friend at the expo or market. This always attracts people. Tip: Make sure you have public liability insurance, since most expos and markets will need this to register your stall.

4. Letterbox Drop

Have you ever done a letterbox drop? It’s a great way to reach nearly everyone in your community. Have some flyers made up with an offer, such as, “Bring in this flyer to receive a $20 spray tan!” Distribute them around your neighborhood’s letterboxes and enjoy the bookings you’ll get from this promotions.

5. Car Signage

Since you drive your vehicle around town each day, you should make it a mobile marketing machine. Get a sticker made for your rear windscreen with your business logo or name, number and website/Facebook address. You can do the same with a magnet that sticks to your car door. Just remember to drive sensibly, as you’re representing your business every time you get behind the wheel.

Good Luck!

I hope you try these low-tech marketing tips for your sunless tanning business. Although these tips might seem “old fashioned” in the day of social media marketing, these strategies bring you closer to your clients. This is a good thing! Remember, you have to use every strategy to promote our businesses, and all of these help.

5 Tips for Low-Tech, Effective Spray Tanning Marketing

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