5 Ways to Attract Group-Based Spray Tan Business

by | Farr Factor

As a tanning salon owner, you spend a lot of time building your business one client at a time. When it comes to your hand-held spray tanning business, you can vastly increase your clientele by focusing on group-based business. This typically means dance teams, cheerleading groups, pageant contestants, and wedding parties. Attracting these clients will take some work, but it’s an excellent investment of your time and energies.

Here are five tips to help you build your group-based spray tanning business:

1. Look the Part

You’re a tanning professional and you must look the part. This is especially true if you’re trying to attract beauty pageant contestants, cheerleading teams, and dance squads. These people tend to be very fashion conscious, so they seek the same in those they do business with. You also should sport a gorgeous tan. If you want people to pay you for a spray tan, you have to be a walking billboard for your services.

2. Get the Right Zip Code

If you want to make the most revenue, target areas that have plenty of disposable income. You’re more likely to sell a lot of spray tans to people who live in areas where money is no object. The wealthiest sections of your town can offer plenty of group-based business. Give it a try!

3. Event Networking in Your Community

If you want to attract this type of business, try attending some high school games, beauty pageants, and dance/cheer competitions in your area. Make a point to introduce yourself to as many people as you can. Bring plenty of business cards to pass out along with some pictures of your work. It’s also a good idea to offer free face and arm spray tans at these events, if you can. All this will help you build your group-based clientele.

4. Cross-Promoting

Leave as many business cards as you can in as many businesses in your target area. I recommend local dance and gymnastic studios as a good place to start. To help break the ice, offer to spray tan the coaches for free. Make sure to inquire about the teams using your services on an exclusive basis. Once you get these teams as clients, they can be very loyal.

5. Additional Promotional Tips

There are many additional ways to market your spray tanning services while you’re out building your group-based business. For example, get a sticker or magnet for your vehicle, stock up on candy and other treats, and order samples of bodywash and lotions to hand out. These things might seem small, but you might be surprised at how far they go to help improve your customer service. Remember, every market is competitive these days, so you have to go above and beyond i you want your spray tanning services – and your tanning salon – to stand out.

Happy Spray Tanning!

Groups such as dance teams, cheerleading, gymnastic teams, and beauty pageant contestants are huge business builders. As you can tell by now, getting out into your community is key to building your group-based spray tanning business. It’s also a great way to market your tanning salon as whole. Use these five steps to meet new people and sign them up as clients. You’ll be glad you did!

5 Ways to Attract Group-Based Spray Tan Business

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